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Protection through innovation

Belgium is arguably the most rabid cycling nation in the world. So it’s no surprise that the country that produced Eddy Merckx, the Tour of Flanders and embrocation would also produce some of the best bike helmets. Lazer is the world’s oldest helmet company, having started out making old leather hairnets for Belgian hardmen racing steel bicycles over cobbled farm roads.


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A large collection of Caschi Bike to meet every need. Stylish colors and design.




The brand Selev is recognized for years in the world as one of the first in Italy to produce articles for cycling. Tradition, passion and craftsmanship of our products, together with the quality of construction, make us proud champions of the Italian product in the world. We select suppliers and raw materials to deliver products and services that guarantee a high added value, recognized and appreciated by the final consumer, who recognizes us among the industry leaders